Gynaecology and Urogynaecology Services

Charlotte Chaliha’s specialist area of expertise is urogynaecology covering:


· Urinary problems,

· Bowel problems,

· Prolapse,

· Bladder pain,

· Postpartum pelvic floor problems:

Ž       urinary incontinence,

Ž       faecal incontinence,

Ž       perineal wound infections and pain.


Charlotte is aware that many of these problems can have huge effects on a woman’s quality of life and are often very embarrassing to talk about. At her weekly clinic Charlotte encourages women to discuss any of their gynaecological problems in a warm, supportive and sensitive way.


Charlotte is able to offer the full range of high quality and complex investigations which may be required for bladder and bowel function.  Charlotte is a surgeon and has considerable experience in restorative surgery for the bladder and pelvic floor encompassing some of the newest, minimally invasive procedures.

Other gynaecological areas in which Charlotte provides care and treatment include:

· Menstrual problems,

· Fertility,

· Contraception,

· Problems of the menopause,

· Pelvic pain,

· Perineal pain,

· Sexual dysfunction.

Charlotte runs her gynaecology clinics at the Hospital of St John and Elizabeth.



Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist,  Sub-specialist in Urogynaecology

Diagram of  the Pelvic Floor

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